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Unconfined provides full service solutions with design and emerging technologies

Unconfined is a design company offering design and technology solutions for startups, legacy brands, and enterprises in a variety of mediums. 

You may have known us as Keithcity Group, or KCG. However, there was never a “Keith”. The name was a pseudonym to reduce discrimination Alejandro Corpus faced when living in Texas. Years later, Alejandro and Liz Yam met while working at Peter Arnell Agency in New York. Eventually, they teamed up to grow a team of their own. 

Once focused primarily on marketing solutions and social strategies, we have also become a trusted source for major companies stepping into Web3 spaces for blockchain technology, NFT, and Metaverse design and development. We outgrew the name Keithcity and needed one that represents our relentless approach to solve visual problems, build IP for our clients, and push innovation. We are Unconfined.

Alejandro Corpus

Founder & Creative Director

Alejandro ideates design solutions and guides the Unconfined team as a founder and Creative Director. He also spearheads strategic thinking of utility for NFTs and ways to amplify Web3 projects for our clients. He has accumulated a handful of NFTs and is an avid participant in the Web3 space.

Liz Yam

Liz Yam

Founder & Design Principal

Liz has managed teams and projects across several industries for startups and agencies. Before founding Unconfined, she spent several years at Peter Arnell Agency as the Head of Digital Products where she led the UX and UI for over ten apps. At Unconfined, she manages the team, accounts, and projects.



“The crew at Unconfined displayed a level of expertise, attentiveness and enthusiasm that was refreshing to see. Their team worked seamlessly with ours and together we were able to create something truly impactful.”

Craig Wong


Head of Creative, Marketing at ConsenSys

“Alejandro and his team have a very bright future because they’re prepared to take a little risk. He wants to build as versatile a company as he possibly can.”

Tony Kaye


Tony Kaye, Director of American History X

“Unconfined empowered us to bring music publishing directly to our community in a clear and concise way.”

Chantelle St. Clair


Director of Creative Content, Songtrust

“We’ve worked together several times. Alejandro and his team do a fine job, he’s a pleasure to work with and the end product is excellent.”

Bill Nye


Bill Nye

“They use Peerspace regularly, and have a genuine understanding of our platform and our brand. This team’s experience and high quality production capabilities will allow us to share more of the amazing moments that take place in Peerspaces every day.”

Luke Tarbi


Chief Marketing Officer, Peerspace

"They care so deeply. Having someone who is willing to put in the work changes the game when it comes to working with an external agency. I don’t know if that’s something that’s out there right now."

Masoma Imasogie


Former Social Media Manager, Community


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